Yii is a framework of PHP. Almost 3 years I am working with Yii framework. I have built multiple projects and large applications with it which has helped me learn a lot about using it; I am still happily plugging along with Yii2 and let’s see why we should prefer the YII for future applications.

Designing and building a great web application means that our work flow and architecture allow for constant improvement to the product.

The very good features of YII are as mentioned below:

A) Fast development:

Yii is a complete web-development framework used for rapid web application development.
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Below are the Steps to Integrate Authorize.Net Payment Gateway in Dot Net

1.Visit on http://www.authorize.net/ site and Sign Up for account creation so you will find API Login and Transaction Key there.

2.In following code just change the API login and transaction key credentials and your Payment Gateway will be ready to execute.

3.The transaction amount variable is “tot”. We define 100.00 as an example you can change that amount.

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