About Us

Edreamz – A Place of Leading-edge Technology,
Research-driven Outcome and Solution-oriented Commitment

eDreamz is India-based IT Services Provider Company that started its journey in 2005. eDreamz, with a passion to provide specialised and collaborative development solutions for ecommerce, Salesforce, Web applications, UI and UX designs, Data entry and Data-based management, Shopify along with Networking and Strategy staffing services. We are India's one of the leading web development and IT solutions provider companies. We have a talent pool of highly professional experts with innovative vision and standard of excellence.

Our belief is 'Every business deserves a chance to grow'. Our innovative technological approach, exact communication and sound web solutions exceed customer's expectations which initiate firm bonding with our client. Key to our success is proper understanding of client's need, resource evaluation, market and competitor's analysis orientation. We provide web-based development solutions from a wide spectrum of technology. At eDreamz, we dream and work for client's business to cultivate it into brand.

Our Strength

Our expertise multiplicity is our core strength. eDreamz trusts in a collaborative success, since we focus on team's forte, balance with client's demands, and high end technological approach. To be updated with the global market, we adopted forever experimenting, innovating, web-based developing strategies to overpower the challenges and to generate new opportunities. A devoted and dedicated team of eDreamz cultivates and applies specific process line of communicating, researching, planning, strategizing, executing, assessing, evaluating and desired delivery to the client. We work on ensuring and achieving your business future goals. We allow you to choose customized service options to enrich your business demands to cope with the change.


Our Vision

To provide stipulate business solution with technology excellence, including optimise strategies to yield astonishing customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To be recognised worldwide as a prime and quality solution provider in e-commerce as well as web development.

Our Methodology

At eDreamz, we understand exact requirement and need of the client. Accordingly, we plan, design, formulate, asses and deploy solutions with wide spectrum of technology. We, also, support our clients with resource evaluation, market analysis, and make them understand and judge alignment of service output with the commitment.

Why we?

Our uniqueness in workflow and teamwork makes accomplishment of client's desires and fulfils us with gratification. We possess huge experience of delivering a wide range of IT services all over the world. We deliver extravagant quality and immense value-added solutions. We follow self-developed inclusive enforced processes that ensures consistent high-quality service delivery to our customers. Quality assurance is a specialist discipline and our team of experts ensures that the software we deliver functions as per its decided intention.

Fun At Work

In addition to our project work, we actively seek to develop and improve ourselves. This is why we organize various activities at edreamz.

Our Team

Captains of the ship steering us towards success