Challenges in DropShipping Business

Finding a Supplier?

The biggest challenge in this whole process is finding the right drop shipper for you. Before you go out and look, make a list of things you want from your drop shipper. Things to keep in mind are:

  • Does it have all the products I need?
    • If not, you may need multiple but this is not advisable
  • Does it ship to the countries I’m targeting?
  • Are the product and shipping costs within a profitable range?
  • Are their delivery times good enough?
  • Do they have good service?
  • And of course, anything else that applies to you specifically.

As you can see this process is very straightforward and takes a lot of work off of your hands. You can search for drop shippers in multiple ways. My favorite is just to use Google. You can search using the syntax <your product> drop shipper, plus any criteria. For an international supplement store, for example, you would look for “International Supplement Dropshipper”. There are also a number of directories for drop shipping providers. The most popular are:

When you have decided upon a drop shipper, always test their claims first. Order some small order to your personal address and assess how well they operate. Things to keep in mind are:

  • Is their shipping time what they say it is?
  • For international orders: do customs let the package through or do they delay it?
  • Does the package look good enough?
  • Is the invoice complete and without prices?

Check below to recognize Trusted Supplier.

− How long has the store been in operation;

− What’s its feedback score;

− What’s the percentage of its positive feedback;

− How much do the items match the description;

− How fine is the communication;

− How satisfactory is the shipping speed.

So Choose Supplier who have 

  • 5 Star Rating
  • Deliver E-Packets
  • More order number processed

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