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'Ecommerce is especially designed for shopping pleasure.' It is web-based platform to showcase and brand your products and services. It is more than just products on web page. eDreamz supports your business to devise and build store features to cater new browsing as well as existing customers . Ecommerce is more reliable and time saving. With these distinct features; it has become more popular and secure. We offer your business end-to-end e-commerce solution with a professional online presence. It is through e-commerce platform, you can reach to unlimited, yet potential customers for selling products or offering services.

Edreamz competent team creates business solutions for you and your clients. We offer higher levels of client satisfaction and generates new avenues for partnership. Our specialized web solutions have enabled several of our clients to build strong relationships with their own customers and helped improve their keenness, efficiency, profitability and effectiveness in the marketplace.

Edreamz Expertise

Edreamz, being a systems development company, we have full-fledged experience in following technologies which we use to achieve appropriate results for our clients and their special needs.

Hosted Solutions

Shopify / Shopify Gold / Shopify Plus : Edreamz being a valuable partner of shopify, ensures to offer a complete range of result driven shopify design and development services designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses in accordance with their business goals.

Shopify is a leading cloud-based e-commerce platform that's one of the easiest tools to get started with if you're a new business, or if you're expanding from brick-and-mortar to the digital space for the first time. With over 175,000 businesses in 150 countries, this software-turned-platform expanded from online store software to a centralized e-commerce solution that handles brick-and-mortar to online with one, easy-to-use tool.

With a low cost of ownership and easy maintenance, Shopify is a one-stop-shop platform that's ideal for small- to medium-sized merchants. Its ability to give business owners one, single view of multiple channels allows customers to manage every point-of-sale (POS) offline and online, web services, mobile business, and social media platforms from one place.

Shopify is also unique for its software as a service (SaaS) subscription model that allows businesses to use the platform on a monthly basis. It's centrally hosted, too, which cuts down on the work you'd have to do on the back end to get your site set up. It handles everything web and commerce-related for your shop like hosting and domain services; SEO efforts, SSL certificates, and analytics; site design, and payment options.

Where Shopify really shines is its beautifully designed themes that are excellent "right out of the box"—something that makes this platform a favorite.

  • 175,000 stores online
  • Easy-to-use dashboard interface, a built-in blog, product/inventory management, order processing, customer management—and, with the Shopify Mobile iOS app, you can manage all of this from your iOS device.
  • Built-in marketing, branding, and SEO tools
  • Four subscription plans with unlimited bandwidth and products: Basic, Professional, and Unlimited, which vary in storage space, number of products, and transaction fees. The Plus plan is geared toward enterprise/high-volume businesses.
  • Shopify Plus for larger companies with high-volume stores that need more scalable support.
  • Shopify Payments — accept payments without third-party processing or fees.
  • Shopify App Store — get access to 1,000+ built-in apps to extend functionality (accounting, customer service, inventory, systems automation, and more) and the Shopify API lets developers create, contribute, and sell their own apps.
  • Shopify Theme Store — get access to 100+ customizable templates, organized by niche (jewelry, fashion, electronics, etc.). Shopify themes are made up of HTML, CSS, images, JavaScript, and code written in Liquid, a Ruby-based programming language that lets a Shopify template communicate with a store's database, so they're easy for any experienced developer to work with. Use Timber, Shopify's theme framework that uses Liquid and Sass, to get started even faster. Designers can also use the Bootstrap framework to create responsive mobile themes for Shopify.
  • Shopify POS is a mobile card reader to accept payments offline without a third-party gateway.

Shopify tech considerations: Written in Ruby on Rails; includes 128-bit SSL encryption

Bigcommerce / Enterprise : Edreamz being a valuable partner of Bigcomemrce provide customers with a high quality ecommerce website solution. We with a team of highly skilled Bigcommerce developers strives to design and develop best Bigcommerce websites for fast growing businesses helping them grow quicker and without limits

Bigcommerce is another platform for small- to medium-sized merchants that's been well received in recent years with a number of strategic partnerships and a simple, scalable platform that's excellent at leveraging data to boost sales. Bigcommerce clients include Toyota, GQ, Good Morning America, and Martha Stewart. Although Bigcommerce has recently shifted toward the enterprise market with more customers in the $20MM-$30MM sector, it was founded to give smaller shops the best in simple, easy-to-scale, well-designed, responsive storefronts.

Bigcommerce as a platform is focused on converting your data into strategies to make your store work harder. Insights help you determine which products to feature, which products bundle well, which customers to reward for their loyalty, and more. It also delivers built-in tools like email and promotions, and enables live chat for customer service efforts.

  • 95,000+ stores online
  • Partnerships to help with everything from implementation and design to cloud hosting, marketing, and SEO conversion.
  • Comprehensive SEO—Bigcommerce has a reputation for delivering excellent SEO performance
  • Direct Mail Manager, plus email support from MailChimp and iContact integration
  • Built-in blogging capability
  • 100+ themes — Search Bigcommerce's 100+ themes by industry, like health and beauty or sports and recreation, or for features, like image carousels and product filtering.
  • 100+ third-party add-ons — includes a Salesforce integration to sync order data and customer information between your online store and your CRM.
  • Abandoned Cart Saver — stores data from unfinished transactions and can be used to communicate with customers, leading to more sales.
  • Five pricing plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum with no transaction fees, but varying access to certain features.

Bigcommerce tech considerations: LAMP Stack developers can easily work with this platform; themes can be easily customized with HTML and CSS editing; and, the Bigcommerce Developer Portal & API lets developers build their own apps and plugins.

Volusion : Edreamz efficiently combines their web design & development skills with the years of experience together to provide customers with a high quality ecommerce website solution. We with a team of highly skilled Volusion developers strives to design and develop best Volusio websites for fast growing businesses helping them grow quicker and without limits

Volusion is a cloud-based, online hosted e-commerce platform that offers both an easy-to-use website builder and shopping cart software, so you can get your shop off the ground quickly without back-end integration.

  • 40,000 stores
  • 120+ free themes — with mobile-first default design. Hire a designer to customize with HTML and CSS.
  • Fully hosted online
  • Smart Match technology — a proprietary inventory tracking tool
  • Social Store — seamlessly integrate with Facebook for social advertising
  • One-page checkout
  • Five plans are available with unlimited storage and no transaction fees: Mini, Plus, Pro, and Premium, each of which vary by bandwidth, storage, and number of products.
  • Built-in marketing, branding, and SEO tools—including a Deal of the Day function
  • Payments—integrated for Stripe and PayPal Express, and Amazon for high-tier plans
  • Volusion Select — bundled services for fraud protection, SSL certificates, and design and marketing services

Volusion tech considerations: Written in ASP.NET, PCI compliant.

StoreHippo : Edreamz Provide Multiseller. Multistore Marketplace solution through StoreHippo. It can connect to different marketplace like amazon, snapdeal etc Multiple payment and shipping options supported.

Self Hosted Solutions

Magneto / Enterprise : Edreamz combines years of expertise with demonstrably effective Magento development, a highly functional e-commerce platform to offer a suite of ecommerce development services that maximize the opportunities for your brand while creating an engaging global platform to connect with the customers & drive impressive return of investment for the business.

If you're looking for a high-powered platform with tons of features, Magento is a robust, open-source CMS that's geared toward medium to large merchants looking for lots of built-in support, plugins, and customizable themes. Owned by eBay, it's ideal for organizations with the bandwidth to completely tailor their online stores. It's incredibly flexible, which means it's also one of the more complicated platforms on the market.

What you get in the way of customization with Magento you also get in complexity, so you'll want to hire an experienced Magento developer to help you maintain its layered code. It counts high-profile retail brands like Nike, Olympus, Stella & Dot, and Ghirardelli among its customers.

  • 240,000 stores online worldwide
  • Comprehensive SEO tools
  • Product browsing filters, catalog management
  • Marketing support — Google AdWords and Facebook promotions
  • Run multiple stores from one admin panel
  • Magento Enterprise Edition — for bigger businesses who need enterprise-level professional support
  • Magento Community Edition — hosted online
  • Easy access to all of the content on your site—not just your shop portion—with this CMS solution.

Magento tech considerations: written in PHP's Zend framework, requires SQL integration, requires a dedicated server, and employs object-oriented, MVC programming principles

WordPress / Woo commerce : Edreamz combines years of expertise with demonstrably effective Wordpress- Wocommerce development, a highly functional e-commerce platform with the power of CMS to offer a suite of ecommerce development services.

Wordpress is another open-source e-commerce platform that's especially great for startups because of its simple, intuitive interface, and excellent functionality. Wordpress is easier to set up from a programming standpoint—it's lightweight and has a less complicated set-up, allowing you to start delivering your products quickly without a lot of integration on the back end. Opencart is ideal for small- to medium-sized merchants.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Responsive
  • Administrative dashboard for managing store operations
  • List unlimited products, categories, and manage multiple stores from one dashboard
  • 1,000+ templates
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Supports multi-languages and international currencies

Mobile Apps : We provide support for Native IOS and android mobile apps for all above platform.

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We've been passionate about ecommerce for a long time. We offer a consultative approach to all our clients and their campaigns. Our years of expertise put us in an ideal position enabling us to deliver a bespoke strategy based on detailed analysis, planning and execution best suited for their business endeavors.

Design and Development

Our in-house design specialists strives to offer impressive, device-responsive and fully functioning e-commerce websites that are built while balancing form and function while featuring rich ecommerce platforms that helps to increase ROI, thrive competition and convert your customers.


Every business is unique, and depending upon that there will be custom requirements and integrations that differ from one to another. Our in-house trained front-end and back-end developers expertly create custom codes designed around your company's needs along with closely working to integrate functioning with existing systems and other external systems to ensure smooth business performances.


We at Pro Web also offer the best hosting solutions available, specifically designed for the best customer journeys, guaranteed to deliver results while effectively supporting your business needs and ensuring rising money on the table.


Our eCommerce developers act fast and work thoroughly to check your digital interface while extensively working to resolve the functional issues, along with fixing bugs and offering top-notch advices to improve your customer experience and sales in order to thrive in the competitive business environment.


To ensure proper functionality website maintenance is extremely crucial, be it eCommerce websites or corporate websites. Pro Web tech experts strive to ensure regular maintenance, right from the banner updates to adding web segments, and everything that an eCommerce site needs in order to sustain and stay ahead in the competition

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