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Edreamz is a leading-edge mobile application development company in India. , We are bounded and dedicated to offer reliable, and the highest quality services in iOS and Android App designs and development. Our app developers include highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers. Those are well-versed in developing apps for the major platforms , irrespective of platforms such as iOS, Android or both. We start with defining goals for mobile application, understanding key components, target audience and technology considerations.

Edreamz's Competence in App Development

With the knowledge of Objective-C, C++, swift and java, our team helps you with easy to use apps, and engaging user experience. Customer satisfaction is our motive with which we try to provide you the best possible services.

Connect with Leading Mobile Application Development Company

  • Track of 20 successful projects completion
  • Team of skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers
  • Aligned with latest technology and modern trends of development
  • Fully-customized and need-centric approach of development
  • Implement high level of analytics for reporting
  • Expert in development of iOS and Android Applications

iOS Application Development

With rapidly increasing iPhone and iPad sales, there is no question about growing number of iOS users globally. This leads to tremendous growth in iOS app users in recent years. iOS users represent one of the largest segment of portable device users, where iPad devotees dominate the tablet market. iOS applications help in increasing brand awareness and in delivering enhanced customer services with generation of increased sales and revenue.

Advantages of iOS Application

  • Targeting potentially rich audience
  • Developing more interactive iOS application with some extra features
  • Time to capture e-Commerce market as Apple's iPad sales is continuously rising


Edreamz mobile application developers are with strong foundation in iOS tech stacks including objective - C, C++. Our developers have incredible expertise in diverse field of iOS app development. They have specialized development experience in in the fields of music and entertainment, online booking apps, finance, e-Commerce and business apps

Android Application Development

Edreamz provides you with a great service to generate huge online traffic with maximum number of Android users. Android with capability of supporting many languages and java support works faster with enabled web browser without complexity.

Advantages with Android Application Development

  • Possible to reach towards large group of middle class audience
  • Possible to influence non-English speaker in e-commerce with the support of multiple language in Android
  • Developing faster Android Application with java support


Edreamz offers you the best service in Android application development. With the use of Agile methodology, we provide unique opportunity for you to be involved throughout the project, from prioritizing features to frequent application build with new features.

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