Strategic Staffing

We facilitate brilliant staff anywhere anytime

eDreamz Strategic Staffing is all about providing project-specific skilled workforce. Our strategic staffing service provides you with skilled UI & UX designers, programmers and developers. These experts are ready to join your team, quickly. Even these experts work on your project, we manage and take care of employee working environment, salary, benefits and appraisals. Whenever, you still need project-specific experienced talent who can devote their full time on your project, we are there with you with our strategic staffing service. We have skilled staff having expertise in designing, developing web application and managing large CRM systems. Due to business uncertainties, it is not possible to recruit talent on permanent basis and that to in large numbers. Strategic Staffing is all about recruiting talented workforce on temporary or project basis. eDreamz offers you this talented workforce on full time basis, keeping you free from your backbreaking work.

Advantages of staff augmentation with edreamz

  • Alternative solution for permanent and unwanted crowd recruitment
  • Availability of skilled workforce on time
  • Reduced cost of development cycle
  • Better man hour productivity
  • Instant availability of experts
  • Flexibility in terms of resources
  • Cost recovery satisfaction
  • Process operation at optimize level
  • Save overhead expenses on HR or Admin department